Sunday 16 April 2023

Move ExaWatcher Logs to Different Directory in Exacs

1.Create Directory for exawatcherlogs under /u02
mkdir -p /u02/exawatcherlogs
cd /u02
chown exawatch:exawatch exawatcherlogs

2. Backup Config File
cp /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/ExaWatcher.conf /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/ExaWatcher.conf_bkp

3.Modify config file with new log location
cat /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/ExaWatcher.conf
<ResultDir> /opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/archive  to <ResultDir> /u02/exawatcherlogs

4. Stop ExaWatcher
systemctl stop exawatcher
ps -ef | grep -i exawatch

5. Start Exawatcher
/opt/oracle.ExaWatcher/ --fromconf
systemctl start exawatcher

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